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Angel Mamas Expecting Resources

This resource library is designed to be a place to go for certain  resources pertaining to pregnancy after loss.

If you have found resources not on this page that were helpful for you click the button below to add it to this resource library...we all can help one another.



A Website full of resources for pregnancy after loss.




The Journey of Pregnancy After Loss

-Joey Miller

The challenges of having another pregnancy after loss can be extensive from a physical/medical standpoint alone, but no more so than the emotional and psychological hurdles. Therapist and social worker Joey Miller has counseled women and their families on exactly these matters for nearly twenty years.


Pregnancy After Loss

A Day By Day Plan to Reassure and Comfort You

-Zoe Clark-Coates

Pregnancy after baby loss can be a scary and isolating experience, a path I know all too well. Zoe has managed to yet again create the ultimate guide and blueprint for anyone navigating this, to not only help them survive the next 9-months, but also to flourish and enjoy this magical time. 

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